Leverage your NetApp Data Fabric with Fluid

Recently launched Fluid is taking networking and data to new heights, not to mention its ability to leverage the NetApp Data Fabric.

Fluid automates and orchestrates network, and Kubernetes deployments anywhere and is managed through the NetApp Cloud Manager. The only third-party integration into the Cloud Manager, ever.

Fluid tightly integrates the NetApp Data Fabric into the seamless environment created – weaving a common platform for application data, across different private and public clouds and geographically diverse infrastructures.

NetApp data fabric with Fluid

The Fluid Team were quoted saying, “The benefits and functions of the Data Fabric are available through the whole environment for you or your client. It has the ability to develop projects that are agile, fast, simple and of course, easily managed through the Cloud Manager. There’s also full transparency on usage and costs. This in turn, also makes it an affordable option, especially when coupled with the knowledge that one does not need expensive software (VMWare **cough) to bring it to life.”

Fluid Team Member

Fluid isn’t just about leveraging your NetApp Data Fabric. It’s a better way of:

  • Building combined on premises and cloud deployments
  • Creating and deploying fully managed networks across edge, core data centre and public cloud locations
    • Deploying Kubernetes clusters for application deployment across infrastructures and geographies
  • Fast forwarding cloud and cloud projects into production in days rather than months, with a small and nimble team
  • Bring your NetApp Data Fabric to life by providing native, flexible connectivity into your environment all from the one console

Fluid brings the Data Fabric to life and puts it to work in the environment in a single step from the single console. Simple.

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