NetApp uncovers the platform that transforms tin to full stack in a few minutes

 Netapp uncovers

(1-2 minute read) 

NetApp is rolling out the first third-party integration tool, Fluid, on Cloud Manager which begs the question, what is Fluid?

Fluid is an automation and orchestration system that allows businesses to accelerate the journey from bare-metal hardware (or tin) out of the cardboard box to a full-stack running in under an hour. 

Here’s NetApp’s Newsworthy Minute exploring the optimizing cloud environments with Fluid and Cloud Manager:

Key takeaways from the Newsworthy Minute are:  

  1. Fluid eliminates a series of manual steps that traditionally comes with setting up infrastructure. With Fluid, all the infrastructure complexity is absolved from the user and becomes a really simple process, taking the usual weeks or months to build up bare metal infrastructure, into a quick click of a button.  
  1. Fluid allows you to automatically stand-up connectivity between NetApp Data Fabric elements, cloud-based offerings like Azure NetApp Files (ANF), AWS FSx for NetApp OnTap, or Google Cloud Volume Services and storage systems in a matter of minutes.  
  1. Fluid eliminates the complexity of managing multiple interfaces, including the training to administer and manage those interfaces, by providing an easy user experience and single environment.  

Imagine one interface to manage all compute, network, and storage needs, no matter what preexisting vendors and systems they use.  

The inspiration behind this platform is to transfer engineering efforts placed on building complex infrastructure, into time and effort back into enhancing applications.  

Fluid is the first system to solve for an automated bare-metal hardware transformation. The first self-assembling smart infrastructure taking businesses into their own unique centralized portal for greater control and autonomy.