Think outside the VM box and into a Kube.  

TLDR: “Do not expect business as usual” according to Garner analyst Michael Warrilow regarding the recent acquisition of VMware. This change invites the question of what technology provider can deliver a similar service at a lower and stable cost – this article explores that very solution PLUS the additional Kubernetes capabilities it awards. 

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You may have seen on an article or ten that Broadcom Software Group has recently acquired VMware for a sizeable US$61 billion despite customers and partners urging otherwise. This has raised serious questions around the strategic changes to come for the VMware brand, development, potentially discontinued products, and pricing.  

Another concern is the virtualisation vendor’s structure and system are technologically limiting when considering Kubernetes and its characteristics.  

Technological Limitation 

Hypervisor platforms including VMware and Oracle are built with legacy infrastructures limiting customer’s virtual machine (VM) flexibility and portability whilst increasing their total cost of ownership (TCO).  

Clients are locked into an entering scheme that can quickly become outdated and restricting. For example, if you would like to stand up two additional VMs quickly or increase your current storage capacity to 1Terabyte (in this instance), it takes a team of specialists to execute. Whilst also considering that each action this provider takes has a dollar sign attached to it.  

The alternative to this traditional structure is Fluid. A product that quickly builds, runs, and secures applications, VMs and workloads across multi-cloud and edge environments with a true cloud-like operation. This product can quickly stand up VMs, instantly increase storage and even go as far as to split up the storage into multiple connections for various teams to use. A missing characteristic from competitors as providers with no networking prominence.  

There are no longer concerns for workloads with Fluid as it is built with a hybrid-cloud connectivity and infrastructure mindset. In a full deployment, Fluid has the capability of connecting you to all major cloud hyperscalers (AWS, Google, Microsoft), joining your workloads directly to the cloud with dedicated fibres and eliminating the use of a VPN. Now you can make a VM and application in the cloud and attach it to any node on-premises with Fluid.  

Imagine having a VM in AWS (Amazon), a VM in GCP (Google) and a VM in Microsoft Azure – a happy cloud family. Flexibility and adaptability are the key values Fluid is built on with the vision to gift businesses back their freedom of choice and change. 

Retired Products 

This technological lag is an example of only one concern arising from this recent acquisition, others include high pricing and the potential disappearance of certain VMware product suites.  

Customers are placed in a hesitant position with their investments in management products that could be discontinued or deprioritised particularly for those who have invested in new Tanzu. This includes customers who have adopted other core technologies like VSAN, NSX, vSphere/ESXi and vRealise.  

Fluid irradicates this uneasiness and apprehension with its all-inclusive application and infrastructure modernisation that comes pre-packaged with all those core technology functionalities.  

Financial Headlock  

Lastly, Broadcom’s acquisition has raised further fears around rising costs. Gartner analyst Michael Warrilow reported on the matter illustrating Broadcom’s previous pricing changes with CA and Symantec.  

Considering Fluid is built on a fixed pricing structure, that no longer becomes an issue. A business model designed to support business ever-growing needs without breaking the bank.  

There is still time regarding the Broadcom VMware deal expected to close in 2023, subject to approvals. Try Fluid today for a free 30 day trial and see for yourself how  simple, flexible and fast to install it is.  

Hold the same deployment tests for Fluid that would be expected of other providers and see how it exceeds expectations. Fluid solves the concern of rising prices with its fixed cost and even has the potential to upgrade your infrastructure and deployment capabilities. Fully packaged out of the box, with a single cost for a single console.  

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