Why Fluid?

Why Fluid?

Fluid removes the multi-team, manual repetitive tasks of infrastructure deployment and builds your network and compute in minutes.

Fluid allows you to build completely connected on-premises, public cloud and managed storage environments, with all the required network elements from a single management platform and console within minutes.

Public cloud deployments work seamlessly within their own environments, but joining different environments, whether on-premises infrastructure or other public clouds becomes a complicated project when the network between these environments needs to be configured. Fluid takes away this complexity.

Speed and Simplicity

With built in networking orchestration, building, and deploying diverse environments becomes the work of a sole operator – rather than multiple project groups. Fluid allows all the elements in building, configuring and deploying a multi-cloud, multi-location and geographically diverse environment to be completed in a single step, in just minutes.  

This single step approach creates simpler projects – in fact, what would traditionally be a project, becomes a task with Fluid

As a result, Fluid acts quicker, providing benefits to your business sooner. Fluid adds agility and the ability to action big items simply; dismantling and building global environments in with a few actions in minutes. 

Better Public Cloud Leverage

Public clouds work very well within their own “four walls” – but not together. With native networking, Fluid draws together public cloud so users can leverage the unique benefits of each cloud as an integrated platform. 

Furthermore, Fluid can combine these integrated cloud environments with diverse on-premises infrastructure. This is configured and completed through one intuitive management console built on top of Fluid’s accessible API. 

Leveraging Your Data Fabric

Fluid tightly integrates your NetApp Data Fabric into the seamless environment created – weaving a common platform for your application data, across your different private and public clouds and geographically diverse infrastructures.  

The benefits and functions of Your Data Fabric are available through the whole environment. 

Fluid brings Your Data Fabric to life and puts it to work in your environment in a single step from the single console. 

Deploying Applications

Fluid allows unprecedented flexibility in application deployment by deploying bare-metal Kubernetes across the integrated infrastructure it draws together. 

Fluid eliminates the need for expensive third-party software components, such as VMWare – simplifying application cluster management and becoming more financially effective. 

 The platform can run these environments side by side, on the same hardware, making for the most efficient use of your infrastructure, without backing you into a corner. 

Fluid is agile, fast, simple, and easily managed.

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