Fluid turns your infrastructure into a cloud platform in minutes, not weeks.

Get the automation, speed, and agility of the public cloud wherever your users and data are.

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Fluid automates provisioning cloud-scale compute, networking, and container orchestration
to bring the cloud back down to earth

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Hybrid Cloud

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Take advantage of the transformative shift in the world of IT infrastructure.


Public Cloud and On-Premise

The era of relying solely on either on-premise solutions or public cloud services is evolving into a new phase.



Hybrid IT is a fundamental shift from traditional models to a more agile, flexible and cost-effective approach. Blending the best of on-premise and cloud computing.

Hybrid cloud, deployed anywhere

Fluid stands at the forefront of this revolution, offering a platform that brings unprecedented agility, security, and scalability to on-premise computing, integrating seamlessly with cloud services.

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k8s anywhere

It’s no secret: Kubernetes is incredibly complex to set up and run, yet it’s the cornerstone for cloud-like workload flexibility and container orchestration.

Deploy fully-configured and self-healing Kubernetes clusters in minutes with Fluid so you can deploy applications without the infrastructure overhead.

VM Workloads

Traditional workloads need to run somewhere smart, somewhere that’s future-proofed, and somewhere they aren’t going to drown the business in cost.

Fluid simplifies the deployment and management of Kubernetes and VMs on your own infrastructure at a lower cost and with cloud-like flexibility.

Cloud Repatriation

Public cloud brings many benefits, but often at the cost of capital returns and cost control. Sometimes it makes more sense to run certain workloads on your own infrastructure, whether it’s about your accounting and depreciation model, fine-tuned performance of your own infrastructure, data immovability, or regulatory restrictions.

Continue to enjoy the agility and innovation benefits of public cloud on your terms when you need to bring your workloads back down to earth.

Burst to cloud

Bursting extra workloads to third-party cloud services has been an unattainable ideal with every cloud service having its own flavor.

Enter Fluid: bursting to cloud is now a reality. On-premises to hybrid cloud, with managed storage environments, through a single interface. Especially useful for training AI/ML models.

Edge workloads

As edge computing progresses, it adds complexity to the sprawl of networks and compute. Control, security, and cost management are just a few of the challenges.

From edge to core to cloud, Fluid eliminates these challenges with control, visibility, and agility. Edge and on-premises workloads are automatically booted, deployed, and configured by the platform.

“With their previous infrastructure environment, ASE would be looking at potentially 2-3 days to onboard new customers. With Fluid, the ASE team can now onboard and deploy in just a couple minutes.”

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The Six Essential Elements of a Fluid Cloud

True cloud mobility

Deploy your Fluid cloud on standard x86 hardware.

Simply PXE boot from your local switch, pour your cloud, and enjoy immutable infrastructure on your own servers in minutes.

Run every application anywhere

Deploy traditional virtual machine based applications and cloud native containerised workloads on the same infrastructure.

Multi-tenant security ensures separation and resource guarantees so your apps get the performance they need when they need it.

Hardened, Immutable Operating System

Based on Ubuntu, you can rely on the security and performance of the most widely deployed Linux platform to power your cloud infrastructure in the roughest environments for the most demanding workloads.

Kubernetes and KVM

Lightweight, secure, and certified Kubernetes purpose-built from the core to the edge, combined with the raw power of containerised KVM to support legacy workloads.

Serverless, Containers, and VMs

Deploy cloud native serverless functions and containerised applications via Helm or Argo.

Run traditional virtual machine based apps confidently on KVM.

Scale and integrate global networks

Reap the benefits of software-defined networking with Layer 3, VLAN, and VXLAN support.

Accelerate hardware performance with native bare- metal and Nvidia support.

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