Deploy and simplify the operation of your database architecture 

Create a k8s cluster and deploy a workload in a few minutes  

TLDR: Watch Fluid CTO, Alex Turner, spin up a Kube cluster and deploy a clustered/distributed workload in just a few minutes with CockroachDB on Fluid.  

Want to cut down the time you spend on the operation of your database? Read this article to learn how Fluid can cut back your time for deployment and simplify your workload architecture.  

Fluid provides a simple yet powerful way to deploy and connect Kubernetes environments anywhere by leveraging the power of Kubernetes to manage containerised deployment of applications and services. 

Fluid manages the deployment and configuration of Kubernetes on any infrastructure allowing database admins and applications owners have a head start when deploying the full stack of components that comprise their application workloads. 

By handling containerization and network configuration in a cloud-like way, Fluid accelerates the time taken to be ready to deploy the actual application by reducing infrastructure stand-up and providing a set of tools to allow application container sets to be deployed and managed from anywhere without needing to establish special networking constructs like VPNs. 

“If you’re an engineer, you’re going to want to watch this to believe how simple Fluid makes it. This short demo shows how quick and easy it is to create a Kubernetes cluster, log into it over the internet, and deploy a modern containerized application in just a few minutes, “ 

Alex Turner

Watch the demo below to see how Fluid integrated with Cockroach DB.  

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