Who Cares About Infrastructure? Fluid featured at NetApp Insight

TLDR: If you want to accelerate the path to true hybrid cloud, you’ll want to watch this video from NetApp Insight diving into Fluid. Bonus, hear from MSP, ASE, about how Fluid changed their way of working.  

Who cares about infrastructure? A pretty daring claim, and one we don’t make lightly. Fluid was featured at NetApp Insight 2022 where the focus was a dive deep into how the cloud is evolving. During this conference, NetApp CEO, George Kurian, described to the world NetApp’s perspective on the changing nature of the hybrid multi-cloud. Fluid, the first and only third-party integrated into NetApp’s BlueXP, brings the hybrid multi-cloud to life quicker, easier, with less skilled resources, and keeping more revenue in your pocket.  

Fluid Founder, Andrew Sjoquist, discussed that with the push to the public cloud and with the services and offerings that are available today, there shouldn’t be a loss of the benefits that still exist in the on-prem private cloud, which Fluid can do in a matter of minutes. 

In the presentation, Andrew takes you through the evolution of infrastructure, what Fluid is, and why Fluid and NetApp work together so well. He is joined by a long-term MSP client, ASE, to discuss how Fluid accelerated their journey to a hybrid multi-cloud environment. 

 “Fluid was born a software-defined automated platform for deploying workloads anywhere, any location, and any time with literally the click of a button, all tied together and brought back inside of Blue XP,” Andrew shared. 

Want to integrate and automate proper hybrid and multi-cloud? Watch this video